WFTDA Makes New Hires

September 19, 2012

Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Announces Two New Staff Members

AUSTIN, TEXAS – The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) welcomed two new staff members last month to fill critical needs within the organization.

The WFTDA has placed Don Mynatt, also known as “The Pantichrist,” in the Officiating Education Director position. The Officiating Education Director is responsible for managing the WFTDA education program for referees and non-skating officials. In this position, Don will oversee the Officiating Clinics program and will work on expanded education and development initiatives, such as testing, online learning, and other resources.

Don brings several years of experience as a WFTDA Clinic Instructor, and is a WFTDA Level 3 Certified Official. Don also has professional experience in adult education, having taught at the university and community college level, as well as overseas. Don lives in Memphis, Tennessee, where he has served as an official with Memphis Roller Derby for more than five years.

The WFTDA has also selected Karen Kuhn, or “Bones,” for the new Managing Director of Games position. The Managing Director of Games manages initiatives related to the rules, standards, and systems necessary to facilitate and develop WFTDA-sanctioned game play. The Managing Director of Games will serve as a strategic leader, facilitator and project manager of those efforts, charged with ensuring the smooth management and expansion of games governance within the WFTDA.

Karen brings a professional background as a project manager with a particular interest in global localization and holds a Master of International Business Studies degree. Karen has spent the last five years involved with the American Youth Soccer Organization as a volunteer, currently serving as a Regional Commissioner. Karen also has a significant history of service to the WFTDA as Tournaments Committee Chair, a WFTDA Big Five tournament director for the 2010 East Regional Playoffs, and a Games Tournament Oversight. She lives in Tarrytown, New York, and currently serves as a non-skating official for Suburbia Roller Derby, where she was also a skater for four years.



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