WFTDA Releases Updates to Sanctioning and Expulsion-Suspension Policies

August 7, 2017

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association has released updates to the WFTDA Expulsion-Suspension Policy and WFTDA Sanctioning Policy.

The WFTDA Expulsion-Suspension Policy has been re-written for these purposes:

  • Ease of comprehension.
  • To better indicate the host league’s responsibility for management of infractions occurring off the track.
  • To move responsibility for management of infractions off the track from the Games Tournament Oversight officer (GTO) to the on-site WFTDA Board of Directors representative(s) at WFTDA Playoffs and Championships.

The WFTDA Sanctioning Policy has been updated to add the requirement of conforming to the WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines to all WFTDA-sanctioned game play. This includes all sanctioned, mock sanctioned and Strength Factor Challenge games regardless of whether or not the host league has WFTDA insurance. This change was made in order to promote a safe play environment for all participants and spectators.

Visit the League Resources page to download the updated documents.

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