WFTDA Releases Updated StatsBook, StatsBook Manual and New Optional Modules

February 7, 2018

The WFTDA has released an updated WFTDA StatsBook (Excel letter and A4 formats) and WFTDA StatsBook Manual, along with supporting, optional Penalties Lineups Tracker (PLT) and Tournament Head (THNSO) modules.

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The 2018 base WFTDA StatsBook release includes updates to accommodate the 2018 penalty codes as well as minor improvements to validation and formatting. Standards for in-game use and data entry are the same as for the February 2017 version. The WFTDA StatsBook Manual is updated to clarify, through further examples, the standards that already exist. In addition, a section was added to provide options for in-game combined Penalty-Lineup Tracker practices.

All WFTDA-sanctioned games will be required to use the new cues and codes system and base StatsBooks starting March 1, 2018. Leagues may opt to use the new codes and base StatsBooks for games prior to that date.

The StatsBook team has also released two new optional modules to better support officiating needs: a Penalties and Lineups tracking (PLT) module and Tournament Head organizational module based on sheets used by WFTDA Playoffs and Championships Head NSOs.

The PLT (Penalties Lineups Tracker) module is provided to permit more flexibility for Officials staffing. The paperwork is built to allow trackers to fill in all the same information as the existing Penalties and Lineups sheets, or they may use their alternative preferred PLT technique. Post-game, PLT data must still be entered separately into the Penalties sheet and Lineups sheet of the StatsBook.

The Tournament Head (THNSO) module provides administrative sheets, based on those used at WFTDA Playoffs and Championships, to help Head Officials with some of the organizational aspects of games. It includes a cover sheet for paperwork packets with spaces for game information and feedback sheets that Head Officials can use to make notes and compile performance feedback for their crews.

The WFTDA StatsBook and WFTDA StatsBook Manual, along with the new modules, can be found at

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