WFTDA Releases Updated Rules and Officiating Documents

January 19, 2018

The WFTDA has released updates to The Rules, officiating documents and policies for use in all sanctioned games starting March 1, 2018.

The following documents have been released:

The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby

A web and PDF version of the rules is available including adjustments to:

  • Align the rules format with the format of the new verbal cues and hand signals
  • Move rules from the Casebook into The Rules document
  • Resolve numbering issues
  • Implement corrections made as errata into the rules document.
  • There are no changes to game play in this update. Please note that the German and French translated rules will be updated to match the English in the coming weeks.

Visit to see these updates.

WFTDA Officiating Cues, Codes, and Signals

WFTDA Officiating Committee has released a new set of penalty codes, verbal cues and hand signals to work with the 2017 format of The Rules.

This and other Officiating documents can be found at

WFTDA Officiating Procedures for the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby

The officiating procedures have been updated to remove the requirement for expelled Skaters to remain in the locker room.

This and other Officiating documents can be found at

WFTDA Sanctioning Policy

  • Clarified support staff positioning, including “coach box” staff, and penalties for unsporting conduct.
  • Clarified helmet cover contrast requirements.
  • Added requirement that charter roster numbers must be a maximum of 4 numerals.
  • Clarified deadline for submission of tournament paperwork.
  • Added late fees added for failure to submit StatsBooks on time.
  • Clarified requirements for game stoppages.

WFTDA Sanctioning Policy Website

WFTDA Sanctioning Policy (PDF)

WFTDA Charter Roster Policy

Teams are now allowed to include 15 skaters on a game roster.

WFTDA Charter Roster Policy Website

WFTDA Charter Roster Policy (PDF)

WFTDA Expulsion and Suspension Policy

Removed requirement for expelled Skaters to leave the game area.

  • Added unsporting behavior penalty for expelled or fouled-out Skaters who interfere with game play.

WFTDA Expulsion and Suspension Policy (PDF)

The Sanctioning, Charter Roster, and Expulsion and Suspension Policy documents and websites can be found in the WFTDA Games Policy Documents section of

This release will be followed by the following releases in the coming weeks:

  • StatsBook and StatsBook Manual: Updates to align the StatsBook with the new penalty codes, new PLT (combined Penalty/Lineup Tracker) sheets, and bug fixes.
  • French and German versions of the Rules and Officiating Procedures document.

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