Charter Roster Policy

This document outlines the requirements for WFTDA Charter Rosters. Failure to meet the requirements outlined in this document could result in sanctioning being rescinded from a game and loss of game eligibility for WFTDA Rankings points and/or WFTDA Apprentice Program graduation requirements (updated December, 2017).


A charter roster or charter team is a roster of Skaters who meet WFTDA sanctioning requirements to represent their league in WFTDA-sanctioned gameplay.

A charter change is when a new Skater is added to a charter roster.

A charter amendment is when a Skater is removed from a charter roster or Skater information is edited (e.g., name, number).

A game roster is the roster of Skaters who compete in a given game.


Charter submissions are enforced by the WFTDA Sanctioning Committee.

In order to participate in sanctioned or SFC games for WFTDA Rankings, a member league must create and submit a charter roster of Skaters to compete in those games via the WFTDA Dashboard. Apprentice leagues participating in mock sanctioned games must also follow the same requirements in order for the game to count towards graduation and/or an initial ranking.

Each league is only allowed one charter team.

Should a team fail to meet the requirements set forth in this section, it could result in game sanctioning being revoked, thus forfeiting eligibility for WFTDA Rankings points or WFTDA Apprentice graduation requirements.

Skater Eligibility

  1. A WFTDA charter roster must include a minimum of seven Skaters and a maximum of 20 Skaters.
  2. All Skaters must meet the following requirements.
    1. All Skaters are 18 years old or older.
    2. All Skaters have passed the WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements and the WFTDA Skater Rules Test.
  3. A Skater may only be on one active charter roster at a given time.
  4. Leagues may determine their own membership eligibility requirements for their charter rosters.

Submission Deadlines and Requirements

  1. To be effective for a game, a WFTDA charter change must be submitted 30 days prior to the game start time, in local venue time. No exceptions.
    1. A charter change is when a new Skater is added to a charter.
    2. Charters are effective on the 30th day after the submission day based on the timestamp of the submission to the WFTDA Sanctioning Committee.
    3. WFTDA Apprentice Leagues submitting a charter for the first time must also meet this deadline.
  2. Charter amendments: Skater information may be changed (name or number), or Skaters removed from a charter, at any time. The revised charter will have the same effective date as the original charter when approved and there will be no waiting period.
  3. Should a league have any issues while submitting a charter at the deadline, it must contact immediately. Failure to do so could result in the charter being submitted after deadline and Skaters being ineligible for gameplay.

Game Roster Requirements

  1. A Game Roster will consist of no more than 15 Skaters.
  2. Game rosters for all WFTDA-sanctioned games, SFC games, and mock sanctioned for Initial Strength Factor games must be selected from the charter that is effective at the time of the game.
  3. Game roster submission deadlines are per agreement between teams or tournament requirements. For WFTDA Playoffs and Championships, roster submissions are due per the WFTDA Playoff Tournament Policies and Procedures.


The WFTDA Sanctioning Committee checks charter compliance of all rostered Skaters during the post-game IGRF verification process. If a Skater, team, or other party does not meet requirements set forth in this document and the issue is not resolved prior to the game, sanctioning may be revoked.

If a compliance issue is not resolved prior to the game, a complaint should be filed via an email outlining the issue(s) to as soon as possible.

The WFTDA Sanctioning Committee and the WFTDA Games Review Panel (GRP) will provide information on further steps and will work with all parties to resolve the issue.

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