WFTDA Releases Updated Risk Management Guidelines and Track Layout Guide

March 14, 2018

The WFTDA has released updated versions of the WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines and the WFTDA Track Layout Guide to incorporate new track graphics and clarifications and amend errors. There are no substantive changes to either document.

The WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines have been edited for improved comprehension and global relevance. The requirements themselves have not changed. The facilities and track layout section of the document has been expanded with new graphics and a glossary to better illustrate track standards to ensure participant and audience safety. These Guidelines conform to the requirements of WFTDA Insurance and reciprocal insurance. In addition, the SCAT concussion test has been updated to SCAT5, the latest procedure for setting baselines and conducting concussion assessment. The Return to Play guidelines have been updated to incorporate the latest medical recommendations.

The WFTDA education team has also put together a handy reference guide to the content changes in the WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines which can be found here and on the resources page at

Further revision is planned in 2019, including updates to sections on Emergency Action Plans, Safety Officer responsibilities and a Risk Assessment league exercise.

The WFTDA Track Layout Guide has been updated with new track graphics and has amended several errors from the previous version.

The WFTDA will continue work to provide more safety and education resources to the roller derby community in 2018, including an educational webinar on these guidelines.

Any questions regarding the WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines may be sent to

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