WFTDA Releases June 30 2016 Rankings and Tournament Seeding

July 15, 2016

It’s one of the most important days on the roller derby calendar - WFTDA Playoffs seeding day! Today, the WFTDA released the highly anticipated June rankings of its member leagues. These rankings, which reflect games played through June 30, 2016, are used to determine the seeding for the WFTDA Division 1 and 2 Playoffs.

And with that, the countdown to the first whistle of tournament season is on!

The 2016 International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships tournament series showcases the sport’s top athletes and teams, pushing the limits of the sport to new heights with revolutionary game play. Whether competing on the track, cheering in the stands or watching on, the WFTDA Playoffs and Championships provide everyone who loves roller derby an opportunity to witness the most anticipated match-ups of the year.

Teams were split among the six Playoffs brackets using “S-curve” seeding. Some adjustments have been made to the S-curve seeding based on location requests made by participating teams. According to WFTDA seeding procedures, a league with a demonstrated, exceptionally large and dedicated fan base in close proximity to one of the Playoffs locations could be assigned to that location. Leagues that informed WFTDA Games Oversight of any financial or other hardship associated with travel to a particular Playoffs location, could have also been approved to be swapped with an equally seeded team in a different bracket.

The Division 1 Playoffs include the top 40 teams in the WFTDA that met minimum game play requirements. The top three finishers from each of the D1 Playoffs will advance to the 2016 International WFTDA Championships, which will be held Nov. 4-6 in Portland, Oregon:

  1. London Rollergirls
  2. Texas Rollergirls
  3. Bay Area Derby
  4. Montreal Roller Derby
  5. Dallas Derby Devils
  6. Boston Roller Derby
  7. Kallio Rolling Rainbow
  8. Sun State Roller Girls
  9. Detroit Derby Girls
  10. Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
  1. Rose City Rollers
  2. Jacksonville Rollergirls
  3. Denver Roller Derby
  4. Atlanta Rollergirls
  5. Crime City Rollers
  6. Santa Cruz Derby Girls
  7. Rainy City Roller Derby
  8. Columbia QuadSquad
  9. Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
  10. Steel City Roller Derby

  1. Victorian Roller Derby League
  2. Angel City Derby Girls
  3. Rat City Roller Girls
  4. Philly Roller Derby
  5. Terminal City Rollergirls
  6. Naptown Roller Girls
  7. Sacred City Derby Girls
  8. Stockholm Roller Derby
  9. Queen City Roller Girls
  10. Arizona Roller Derby
  1. Gotham Girls Roller Derby
  2. Arch Rival Roller Derby
  3. Minnesota RollerGirls
  4. Tampa Roller Derby
  5. Team United Women's Roller Derby
  6. Helsinki Roller Derby
  7. No Coast Derby Girls
  8. Windy City Rollers
  9. Ohio Roller Derby
  10. Mad Rollin' Dolls

The Division 2 Playoffs include the next 20 teams in the rankings that meet tournament eligibility requirements. Two teams declined their invitation to Playoffs, so the teams ranked 61 and 62 became eligible. Seeding for the two D2 Playoffs also uses the S-curve. The top two teams from each of the D2 Playoffs will advance to WFTDA Championships.

  1. Jet City Rollergirls
  2. Houston Roller Derby
  3. Nashville Rollergirls
  4. Brandywine Roller Derby
  5. Kansas City Roller Warriors
  6. Tucson Roller Derby
  7. Blue Ridge Rollergirls
  8. Boulder County Bombers
  9. Chicago Outfit Roller Derby
  10. Carolina Rollergirls
  1. Charm City Roller Girls
  2. Sac City Rollers
  3. Wasatch Roller Derby
  4. Cincinnati Rollergirls
  5. Calgary Roller Derby Association
  6. Nidaros Roller Derby
  7. Charlottesville Derby Dames
  8. Bear City Roller Derby
  9. Tri-City Roller Derby
  10. Grand Raggidy Roller Derby

The 2016 tournament season begins Aug. 19. Brackets for each of the Playoffs and other details about attending the WFTDA’s biggest events of the year are available at WFTDA Tournament Central.

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