WFTDA Tests “No Minors” Rules Set

April 8, 2011

This weekend, WFTDA member teams will conduct the first in a series of beta test bouts in response to a growing interest in a significant rules shift, the elimination of minor penalties. Additional beta test bouts will take place throughout the summer.

The WFTDA rules beta Section 6 was created solely for the beta test project to collect data for review; and is not an official proposal to change the rules set. Any actual rules changes would be done only by member league vote at a future date.

In the current rules set, an illegal action (i.e., blocking to the back, low blocking, forearms, etc.) is penalized based on impact. Current impact levels include “no impact,” “minor impact,” or “major impact.” Four minor penalties or one major penalty results in a trip to the penalty box.

The beta test bouts will be played under a draft rules set that eliminates the “minor impact” level and shifts actions to either “no impact,” meaning it does not result in a penalty, or “major impact,” resulting in a one minute penalty.

View the substitute “Section 6” that will be used during the beta tests at:

Teams and officials are participating in these beta test bouts to collect data for WFTDA to review. This information will be used to determine how such a rules change would affect things such as game play and safety.

“WFTDA is very excited to beta test a 'no minors' rules set,” said Heather “Ms. D’fiant” Watson, WFTDA Games Officer. “Not only is a minor-less bout a radical change to the penalty system, it is also the first time an alternate rules set is allowed in WFTDA-sanctioned play. This groundbreaking move to vet philosophies is pivotal to the rules set evolution of such a fast-growing, dynamic sport.”

Teams participating in the beta test bouts, as well as the dates of these bouts are:

WFTDA released the current rules set, the fifth revision, on May 26, 2010. Revisions are aimed at maintaining safe, fair game play between teams as the sport and its competitive strategies continue to evolve.

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