Additional Details Published About New WFTDA Divisions and Ranking Systems

January 4, 2013

2013 ushers in the start of a new game play and tournament structure for the WFTDA, as well as a new rankings system. As announced in October, the geography-based Region Playoffs will be replaced with four Division I Playoffs, to occur each fall.

Teams have been placed into three divisions and will be held to a new set of regular season game play requirements to be eligible for Playoffs, replacing the old Regional requirements. The WFTDA will also be launching two Division 2 Playoffs this fall to provide additional competitive opportunities for member leagues.

To complement the new Divisions system, WFTDA teams will be ranked on a new WFTDA-wide system with rankings releases starting in March 2013. The WFTDA Rankings Calculator uses an algorithm to rank teams based on game results.

To help skaters and fans better understand all of the intricate details of these new systems, the WFTDA has prepared two documents explaining how they work:

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