WFTDA Announces Referee Education Instructor Selections for 2013 Cycle

January 7, 2013

With the calendar ticking off another year, the WFTDA is proud to welcome five new Referee Education Instructors who will join a staff of 15 veterans for the 2013 WFTDA Officiating Clinics cycle.

Referee Education Instructors are responsible for reviewing, developing, and vetting clinic content, lessons, and learning materials, administering clinics and training sessions, and responding to questions and inquiries from clinic attendees. Since the WFTDA Officiating Clinics’ charter year in 2010, the library of resources available to instructors and clinic attendees has grown and improved to continue to provide serious students of the game with the information that they need to hone their craft and be their best on the track.

The new 2013 Referee Education Instructors are:

  • Bettie Mercury, WFTDA Associate Member
  • Evie McSkeevy, Angel City Derby Girls
  • Hi Refinition, Arch Rival Roller Girls: Level 2 Certified SO
  • Rollbar, Victorian Roller Derby: Level 2 Certified SO
  • Tootie Tinwhistle, Ann Arbor Derby Dimes: Level 5 Certified SO

The veteran 2013 Referee Education Instructors are:

  • DJ Jazzy Ref, Atlanta Rollergirls: Level 4 Certified SO
  • Grace Killy, Brewcity Bruisers: Skater
  • Great Scott, Ohio Roller Girls: Level 3 Certified SO
  • Harry Spotter, Victoria Roller Derby: Level 3 Certified SO
  • Hunter S Toss'em, Rat City Rollergirls: Level 2 SO
  • India Pale Al, Jet City Rollergirls: Level 2 Certified NSO
  • Intejill, Boston Derby Dames: Level 2 Certified NSO
  • Judge Knot, Texas Rollergirls: Level 5 Certified SO
  • Nine Inch Wheels, Dockyard Derby Dames: Level 2 Certified NSO
  • Pantichrist, Memphis Roller Derby: Level 3 Certified SO
  • Refsputin, DC Rollergirls: Level 3 Certified SO
  • Seer Sin, Dixie Derby Girls: Level 4 Certified SO
  • Sugar Daddy, Gotham Girls Roller Derby: Level 5 Certified SO
  • Tripp N Dale, Carolina Rollergirls: Level 5 Certified SO
  • Umpire Strikes Back, Minnesota RollerGirls: Level 5 Certified SO

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