WFTDA Announces Second Annual Demographic Survey Results

March 30, 2011

Today we announce the results of WFTDA's second annual comprehensive demographic survey of modern roller derby fans and athletes.

The survey was conducted online over the course of two weeks, with more than 3,300 current skaters, 1,000 sport volunteers, and 5,300 fans participating to build a rich profile of the sport’s fan base. The 2011 survey follows the initial 2010 effort to draw a picture of the evolving sport and its fan base.

The survey design allows WFTDA’s local member leagues to break out and analyze the demographics of their own local audiences and then use these figures to pursue appropriate local marketing and sponsorship partnerships.

Women’s roller derby has thrived for the last decade as an “alternative” sport, prospering outside the world of big-time athletics. Roller derby leagues around the world have flourished under skater management, using “do it yourself” techniques and volunteer labor to turn roller derby into “the Goliath of underground athletics because it challenges the status quo of American sports.”

WFTDA, the governing body for women’s flat track roller derby, annually profiles the diverse network of fans, skaters, and volunteers who make up the modern roller derby demographic.

“We know that roller derby fans and skaters are highly loyal to their new favorite sport and come from all walks of life, and this year’s survey data reinforce that,” said Juliana Gonzales, WFTDA Executive Director. “The results of this survey also identify alternate interests within the sport’s community, preparing WFTDA and its member leagues to develop marketing and sponsorship partnerships for our sport.”

Roller derby’s unique amateur sports model has fostered an explosion in the sport’s global popularity. Currently there are more than 700 leagues across 25 countries around the world, up from 400 in 11 countries just one year ago.

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