WFTDA and the Roller Derby World Cup

November 1, 2011

Just a few weeks after the WFTDA Championships, some of the best women's roller derby skaters in the world will again be competing against one another--but not on their regular teams. The first Roller Derby World Cup, organized by Blood & Thunder magazine, will bring teams from 13 countries together in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Dec. 2-4.

The United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, France, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Argentina will each be represented with their own teams. While the Roller Derby World Cup is an exhibition tournament and not an official WFTDA event, we are extremely proud of all of the WFTDA skaters who will be representing their home countries in the tournament! Skaters from WFTDA Member and Apprentice leagues will be competing on all 13 teams, and you can see them all below.

WFTDA Skaters Competing in the Roller Derby World Cup

Team USA

  • Amanda Jamitinya (Rocky Mountain Rollergirls)
  • Atomatrix (Oly Rollers)
  • Bonnie Thunders (Gotham Girls Roller Derby)
  • Claire D. Way (Boston Derby Dames)
  • DeRanged (Rocky Mountain Rollergirls)
  • Donna Matrix (Gotham Girls Roller Derby)
  • Fisti Cuffs (Gotham Girls Roller Derby)
  • Frida Beater (Rocky Mountain Rollergirls)
  • Joy Collision (Charm City Roller Girls)
  • Juke Boxx (Minnesota RollerGirls)
  • Juska (Denver Roller Dolls)
  • Little A (Tampa Bay Derby Darlins)
  • Medusa (Minnesota RollerGirls)
  • Psycho Babble (Rocky Mountain Rollergirls)
  • Sassy (Oly Rollers)
  • Sexy Slaydie (Gotham Girls Roller Derby)
  • Shenita Stretcher (Philly Roller Girls)
  • Smarty Pants (Texas Rollergirls)
  • Snot Rocket Science (Steel City Derby Demons)
  • Soulfearic Acid (Rose City Rollers)
  • Suzy Hotrod (Gotham Girls Roller Derby)
  • Tannibal Lector (Oly Rollers)
  • Teflon Donna (Philly Roller Girls)
  • Tracy Akers (Denver Roller Dolls)
  • Urkin Jerkin (Rocky Mountain Rollergirls)
  • V Diva (Dutchland Derby Rollers)
  • Varla Vendetta (Windy City)
  • White Flight (Rose City Rollers)

Team Argentina

  • Arson Tina (Gotham Girls Roller Derby)
  • Crazy Legs (Queen City Roller Girls)
  • Sargentina (Windy City Rollers)
  • Rosie the Ribhitter (Houston Roller Derby)

Team Australia

  • Ruby Ribcrusher (Victorian Roller Derby League)
  • U Sooz U Lose (Victorian Roller Derby League)

Team Brazil

  • Brazilian Nut #16 (Gotham Girls Roller Derby)

Team Canada

  • Brim Stone (Toronto Roller Derby)
  • Motorhead Molly (Tri-City Rollergirls)
  • Georgia W Tush (Montreal Roller Derby)
  • Smack Daddy (Montreal Roller Derby)
  • Lil Mama (Montreal Roller Derby)
  • Iron Wench (Montreal Roller Derby)
  • Bone Machine (Montreal Roller Derby)
  • Jess Bandit (Montreal Roller Derby)
  • Eight Mean Wheeler (Terminal City Roller Girls)
  • LuluDemon (Terminal City Roller Girls)
  • Soul Rekker (Rideau Valley Roller Girls)
  • Windigo (Houston Roller Derby)

Team England

  • Fox Sake (London Rollergirls)
  • Frightning Bolt (London Rollergirls)
  • Grievous Bodily Charm (London Rollergirls)
  • Juicy Lucy (London Rollergirls)
  • Kamikaze Kitten (London Rollergirls)
  • Metallikat (London Rollergirls)
  • Ninjette (London Rollergirls)
  • Raw Heidi (London Rollergirls)
  • Shaolynn Scarlett (London Rollergirls)
  • Stefanie Mainey (London Rollergirls)
  • Vagablonde (London Rollergirls)

Team Finland

  • Doris - 404 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
  • Estrogeena Davis - 2997 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
  • KC Knucklebone - 886 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
  • Kata Strofi - 10 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
  • Kati Kyyrö - 95 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
  • Liisa Saari - 121 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
  • Lizz Troublegum - 96 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
  • Page Disaster - 6 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
  • Suvi Hokkari - 99 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
  • Tigre Force - 142 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
  • Trixie GrandBang - 94 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
  • Misty Muffdivah - 09 (Crime City Rollers)

Team France

  • Bone E. Vicious (Paris Rollergirls)
  • Bloody Vuitton (Paris Rollergirls)
  • Butch Shan (Paris Rollergirls)
  • Cherry LieLie (Paris Rollergirls)
  • Dual Hitizen (D.C. Rollergirls)
  • Katy Fury (Paris Rollergirls)
  • Kozmic Bruise (Paris Rollergirls)
  • Francey Pants (Montreal Roller Derby)
  • Joan Jet 27 (Paris Rollergirls)
  • Meryl Strip-her (Paris Rollergirls)
  • Truck Off Pooky (Paris Rollergirls)
  • Whisky Mamy (Paris Rollergirls)

Team Germany

  • BamBule (Berlin Bombshells)
  • Chibi Abuser (Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls)
  • Ellie Minate (Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls)
  • Headhunter (Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls)
  • Heavy Rotation (Berlin Bombshells)
  • Kiddo (Berlin Bombshells)
  • Kitty Carrera (Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls)
  • Mercedes Bends (Philly Roller Girls)
  • Noxious Angel (Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls)
  • Polly Purgatory (Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls)
  • Public Enemy (Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls)
  • Resident Shevil (Berlin Bombshells)
  • Snowblood (Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls)
  • Titty-Twista (Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls)
  • Vegas (Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls)

Team Ireland

  • Bad Faith (London Rollergirls)
  • Coco Pox (Glasgow Rollergirls)
  • Chemikill Hazard (Glasgow Rollergirls)
  • Sinister Mary Clarence (London Rollergirls)
  • Wile E. Peyote (Rat City Rollergirls)

Team New Zealand

  • Pieces of Hate (Pirate City Rollers)
  • Fia Fasi Oe? (Pirate City Rollers)
  • Bad Jelly the Bitch (Pirate City Rollers)
  • Skate the Muss (Pirate City Rollers)
  • Terror Satana (Pirate City Rollers)
  • Hurricane Hori (Pirate City Rollers)
  • Chick Cheney (Pirate City Rollers)
  • Big Mack (Pirate City Rollers)
  • Pentakill (Pirate City Rollers)

Team Scotland

  • Betty Gogo (Glasgow Roller Girls)
  • Blazin Phoenix (Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Edinburgh)
  • Bronx Betty (Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Edinburgh)
  • Ciderella (Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Edinburgh)
  • Crazy Legs (Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Edinburgh)
  • Dangermouth (Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Edinburgh)
  • Alma Geddon (Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Edinburgh)
  • Fight Cub (Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Edinburgh)
  • Lily Lethal (Glasgow Roller Girls)
  • Marla Mayhem (Glasgow Roller Girls)
  • Marshall Lawless (Glasgow Roller Girls)
  • Minnie Riot (Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Edinburgh)
  • Mistress Malicious (Glasgow Roller Girls)
  • Mo Be Quick (Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Edinburgh)
  • Moxie Emerald (Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Edinburgh)
  • Viper (Glasgow Roller Girls)
  • Whiskey Galore (Glasgow Roller Girls)
  • Wild Oates (Glasgow Roller Girls)

Team Sweden

  • Alotta Riot (Crime City Rollers)
  • Ankefar (Crime City Rollers)
  • Barbara Barfight (Crime City Rollers)
  • Becky Lawless (Stockholm Roller Derby)
  • Bess I’rv Cold (Stockholm Roller Derby)
  • Fenix Fortsomfan (Crime City Rollers)
  • Firebird Steele (Crime City Rollers)
  • Fisty (Crime City Rollers)
  • HussInsane (Stockholm Roller Derby)
  • HyperNova (Stockholm Roller Derby)
  • Jazz Ass (Stockholm Roller Derby)
  • Jo Evil Eye (Crime City Rollers)
  • Kix deVille (Stockholm Roller Derby)
  • Knickerblocker Glory (London Rollergirls)
  • Mad Maloony (Crime City Rollers)
  • Ninja (Crime City Rollers)
  • Swede Hurt (Crime City Rollers)
  • Twist’d T (Stockholm Roller Derby)
  • Vix Viking (Crime City Rollers)

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