Continental Divide and Conquer 2011 WFTDA Championships

Continental Divide and Conquer

Hosted by:
Denver Roller Dolls

Denver Roller Dolls

November 11-13, 2011

1STBANK Center, Broomfield, CO

Gotham Girls Roller Derby Wins

WFTDA would like to congratulate Gotham Girls Roller Derby of New York, NY on winning the 2011 Championship Tournament. The 2011 WFTDA tournament season came to an end on Nov. 13, 2011 after the top 12 seeds for the 2011 roller derby season faced off at the 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, CO, at an event hosted by the Denver Roller Dolls.

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Gotham became the first two-time Champion in WFTDA history, having also taken the title in 2008. At this year's Continental Divide and Conquer, Gotham (E #1) defeated defending Champions, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls (W #2) on Day 2, and went on to defeat 2009 Champions, Oly Rollers (W #1) in the Championship bout on the final day of the tournament.

2011 Championship Tournament Results

  1. Gotham Girls Roller Derby
  2. Oly Rollers
  3. Texas Rollergirls
  4. Kansas City

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Participating Leagues

Nightmare on 95

East Region Playoffs

  1. Gotham Girls Roller Derby
  2. Philly Roller Girls
  3. Charm City Roller Girls

Bridgetown Brawl

West Region Playoffs

  1. Oly Rollers
  2. Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
  3. Rose City Rollers

Show Me Der-B-Q

South Central Region Playoffs

  1. Texas Rollergirls
  2. Kansas City Roller Warriors
  3. Nashville Rollergirls

Monumental Mahem

North Central Region Playoffs

  1. Windy City Rollers
  2. Minnesota RollerGirls
  3. Naptown Roller Girls


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