Apply Now to Officiate 2016 International WFTDA Tournaments

April 13, 2016

Applications for Officials who wish to officiate the 2016 International WFTDA Division 1 and 2 Playoffs and Championships are now open.

The 2016 International WFTDA Tournament season includes two Division 2 Playoffs in August, four Division 1 Playoffs in September, and Championships; Nov. 4 to Nov. 6 in Portland, Oregon. For information on the 2016 WFTDA Tournament schedule visit Tournament Central.

The eligibility requirements for tournament Officials have been updated:

  • Eligibility will be determined from the date applications close.
  • Sanctioned and/or Regulation games in the last 18 months are considered for eligibility.
  • Please note, applications require the most recent version of the Games History.

Applications for Tournament Head Officials are due April 20, 2016:

Tournament Head Referee
Tournament Head Non-Skating Official

Applications for Tournament Officials are due May 9, 2016:

Skating Officials
Non-Skating Officials

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