WFTDA Releases 2012 Third Quarter Rankings

November 6, 2012

The WFTDA third quarter three rankings are in and the tournament season is over. Here are the rankings based on games played July 1 through Sept. 30. The rankings incorporate the results of the 2012 WFTDA Playoffs.

Taking a look at the West Region, the Oly Rollers have risen back to the top and the Rose City Rollers move down to 4th. The Denver Roller Dolls remain at 2nd and B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls in 3rd. Rocky Mountain Rollergirls take a minor slip into 6th and Rat City Rollergirls move up to 5th. Sacred City Derby Girls, previously 10th, move up to 7th, and Jet City Rollergirls move up one spot to 10th. In most of the West you will see a one or two rank position slide but Sin City Rollerigrls shows improvement by moving up from 19 to 15. Debuting in the rankings are the Sac City Rollers, at #18; Ark Valley High Rollers, at #33; and the Fairbanks Roller Girls, at #34.

The North Central Region did not see any movement from the top three but Ohio Roller Girls move up one to 4th and the Arch Rival Roller Girls, previously 4th, move to 8th. Brewcity Bruisers move up in the top 10 from 9th to 7th and The Chicago Outfit round out the top 10. The rest of the rankings are mostly one or two position shifts like Killamazoo Derby Darlins moving from 17th to 14th and Sioux Falls Roller Dollz from 24th to 26th.

In the South Central Region, most of the major movement also comes from the top ten but Texas Rollergirls remain at the top. Atlanta Rollergirls move up from 6th to 2nd, Kansas City Roller Warriors move down one from 2nd to 3rd and Houston Roller Derby takes a spin down from 3rd to 9th. Nashville Rollergirls move down to 6th from 5th and No Coast Derby Girls move from 7th to 5th. The middle is again mostly one to two position slides, with the exceptions of Hard Knox Roller Girls moving from 18th down to 22nd, Assassination City Roller Derby moves from 20th down to 26th and Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby moving from 24th to 27th. Red Stick Roller Derby debuts in the rankings at #32.

The East seems to be a bit more jumpy except for the #1 and #2 spots, which belong to Gotham Girls Roller Derby and the Philly Roller Girls, respectively. Montreal Roller Derby moves from 3rd to 5th and Charm City Rollergirls move back into the top three. London Rollergirls move from 6th to 4th and Steel City Derby Demons drop more than a few spots from 5th to 9th. DC Rollergirls climb up to 6th from 10th and Ducthland Derby Rollers bring up the tail end of the top ten. The rest of the East moves three or four positions over like New Hampshire Roller Derby moving from 15th to 12th, River City Rollergirls moving from 17th to 22nd and Green Mountain Derby Dames who moved from 25th to 28th. Two East Region teams were ranked for the first time: Bear City Roller Derby, at #25, and Rideau Valley Roller Girls, at #24.

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