Register Today! WFTDA Referee Clinics Reminder

July 28, 2010

Photo by Jim Rhoades

Remember...penalties matter.

The WFTDA ref clinics are aimed at improving the consistency of officials’ calls and practices throughout the association’s member leagues.

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Sessions for skating officials will cover key concepts of the WFTDA rules and how to translate those concepts into accurate penalty calls:

  • How to correctly assess the impact of a block
  • Initiation vs. established position: Making the correct call – or no call – based on which skater is holding an established position and which skater initiated the motion
  • Calling out-of-pack penalties, destroying the pack and failure to reform a pack: Games and drills to improve pack management skills
  • Reffing the “slow game”: This lesson will help those inexperienced with the “slow game” to be able effectively officiate this advanced style of play, using their existing set of skills. Other sessions will cover skills, tips and best practices for skating and non-skating officials’ positions:
  • Skating skills: A review of beginner and advanced level skating skills and how they apply to each on-skates position
  • Working the angles: Learn advanced techniques for maximizing the amount of visible action
  • Official-to-official communication
  • Scorekeeping
  • Outside whiteboard
  • Jam timing
  • Penalty wrangling, penalty tracking and inside whiteboard
  • Penalty box management

Where/When are they?

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