Dixie Derby Girls announce changes to second team

June 8, 2010

HUNTSVILLE, AL - Raging Rockets? Dixie Derby Girls? All-Stars? B-team? What?

Even the most die-hard fans and some inside skaters have been left scratching their heads lately at the myriad of names used to identify the teams from Huntville-based Dixie Derby Girls Roller Derby League.

The non-profit organization, in their 5th season in Huntsville, have gone through quite a few name changes over its history. Growing to over 40 skaters in 2010, the Dixie Derby Girls are comprised of two separate teams; a traveling, WFTDA (Womens Flat Track Derby Association) chartered All-Star veteran team, and a rookie level home team for newer, less experiened skaters (similar to a Junior Varsity distinction). Both teams play competitively at all home double headers at the Von Braun Center.

In an effort to help better define the two teams to the public, the Dixie Derby Girls have decided to rebrand both teams with separate team names. Though both will still be part of the Dixie Derby Girls league, the All-Star traveling WFTDA charter team will now be known as the Raging Rockets, while the rookie, less experienced JV team will become the Rocket City Rollers.

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