Featured Skater of the Month

WFTDA boasts many of the most exceptional athletes in roller derby today. The skaters showcased here have demonstrated a keen competitive edge, strong passion for the sport, and outstanding sportsmanship. Just like the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, these skaters are Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.

June 2015 Featured Skater: Helen Wheels

June 4, 2015

Starting her derby career in the infancy of roller derby, Helen Wheels not only contributed to the early growth of our sport, but is credited with inventing the modern-day can-opener hit! Learn more about Helen and her experience in the decade of derby behind us, as well as the decade of derby to come.

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May 2015 Featured Skater: Dolly Pardon Me

May 1, 2015

Dolly Pardon Me began her derby career over a decade ago with the Mad Rollin' Dolls, skating through the very start of the WFTDA and continuing her career to this day as a free-agent skater and part-time announcer. Dolly has come to represent the resilience of the sport and its ability to not only change each skater, but to allow each skater to change and evolve with their skating career. Learn more about what Dolly's up to and she's looking forward to in the next decade of derby!

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April 2015 Featured Skater: craisy dukes

April 2, 2015

craisy dukes made her debut in roller derby with Providence Roller Derby, one of the founding leagues of WFTDA. Over the years, dukes has proved her ability on the track with her fast moves in short denim cut-offs. Learn more about what motivates craisy dukes and her perspective on the sport as its changed over the years.

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March 2015 Featured Skater: Loco Chanel

March 2, 2015

Loco Chanel got her start on the track with roller derby 2005, and previously served on the WFTDA Board of Directors for several years. An icon in the roller derby world, Loco Chanel exemplifies roller derby's strength and grace on the track, while demonstrating leadership off the track through her continued involvement in WFTDA and the roller derby community. Learn more about Loco Chanel and her hopes and ambitions for her next year of roller derby!

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February 2015 Featured Skater: Queen Loseyateefa

February 1, 2015

Queen Loseyateefa began her derby career in 2005, back when modern roller derby was just getting its start. Since then, Queen has grown with the sport, becoming more involved within the league, increasing her skills and strategy on the track, and integrating derby into her family and day-to-day life. Learn more about our February featured skater and her journey in this first decade of WFTDA roller derby.

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Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.