Featured Skater of the Month

WFTDA boasts many of the most exceptional athletes in roller derby today. The skaters showcased here have demonstrated a keen competitive edge, strong passion for the sport, and outstanding sportsmanship. Just like the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, these skaters are Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.

October 2012 Featured Skater: Fifi Nomenon

October 10, 2012

Since she started skating in 2010, Angel City Derby Girls' Fifi Nomenon has been living up to her Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs'-inspired name (borrowed from their song “Phenomenon”). Roller derby has taken Fifi to many places she never expected: from competing in WFTDA tournament play, to being featured in an Aerosmith music video, and coaching in Brazil. The derby world is starting to recognize the phenomenon that is Fifi Nomenon; most recently she was voted the Jammer MVP of the 2012 West Region Playoffs. Read on to learn more about Fifi Nomenon – her passions, inspiration, and where you can see her next!

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September 2012 Featured Skater: Demanda Riot

September 10, 2012

Part blocker and part warrior, B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls' own Demanda Riot instills fear in – and inspires – all who oppose her on the track. Sporting fierce blocking skills, Demanda has made a name for herself in the roller derby world as a skater who embodies the extreme attitude, commitment, and athleticism of the sport. Look behind the war paint, and read on to learn more about Demanda Riot as she prepares for the West Region Playoffs, “Bay of Reckoning”.

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August 2012 Featured Skater: Luce Bandit

August 9, 2012

Though she spends most of her time off the track studying for her degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Texas, on the track she’s making history as one of the first junior roller derby graduates to make the successful leap to a WFTDA league. Luce Bandit joined the Tucson Derby Brats at sixteen and now skates with the Texas Rollergirls and shares the rewards and challenges of making the leap to the big leagues. Learn more about Luce Bandit!

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July 2012 Featured Skater: Alassin Sane

July 11, 2012

You don’t have to be a David Bowie fan to appreciate the dedication and skill that Alassin Sane brings to her home league, the Atlanta Rollergirls. Known for her never-give-up attitude both on and off the track, Alassin Sane will take her special brand of determination to new heights in her role as the new WFTDA President. Leadership is nothing new to Lass, who has served on the ARG board of directors, as a WFTDA skater rep, and a mentor for the WFTDA Apprentice Program. Read on to learn more about this dynamic skater and her commitment to the WFTDA.

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June 2012 Featured Skater: Diamond Rough

June 7, 2012

We all know that roller girls are multi-talented creatures, but this ice skating, hockey and rugby playing, baker of yummy treats takes the cake. Literally! From blogging about her culinary exploits to attempting to skate a Red Bull Crashed Ice event, there doesn’t seem to be anything this skater won’t try! As captain of the Minnesota RollerGirls’ Atomic Bombshells home team, and a force on the All-Stars, she uses her fierce blocking and her loud voice to help her teams! Read on to learn more about the Minnesota fans’ favorite blocker, Diamond Rough.

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Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.