Change Summary for WFTDA Rules December 1, 2009

The following is a summary of the changes in the WFTDA Standardized Flat Track Roller Derby Rules released on December 1, 2009.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive listing of new and changed rules. It is only provided as a convenience to highlight the most significant changes. Skaters, coaches, officials, and fans are encouraged to read through the new rule set in its entirety.

Section 3: Players

Rules Change: Player Uniforms

The WFTDA voters have elected to narrow the acceptable range of player demarcation numbers on uniforms.

3.7.4 Each skater participating in a bout must visibly display a unique (with relation to her own team) number on the back of her uniform. The print of the number should be at least four (4) inches tall, so that it is legible and large enough to be read by officials who are positioned anywhere within the track or on its boundary. A player’s number must be of a readable font. A number is of readable font if it can be easily read and distinguished from the other players’ numbers by the officials, other players, and fans. A player’s number may contain up to four characters. A player’s number must be alphanumeric with at least one numerical digit. For example: L5 is an acceptable number, but LV is not. Numbers cannot contain symbols. A player may have small characters preceding or following her player number on her jersey e.g. 55 mph, where “mph” is considerably smaller than 55. These small characters are not considered part of the skater’s number and they may not inhibit the legibility of the player’s number whatsoever. The maximum size for the small characters is two (2) inches. Players on the same team may not have identical numbers. For example, two players may not both wear L5, but one may wear L5 and another may wear J5. A team’s jersey numbers must meet the definition of high contrast beyond a reasonable doubt or the Head Referee shall request that the team provide an alternative that meets the definition. A team’s jersey numbers are of high contrast if there is a large degree of visual difference between the color of the number and the base color of the jersey such that the number significantly stands out from the base color of the jersey.

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