The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby

NOTE: You are viewing the January 1, 2013 revision of The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby, which is officially retired.

The current version of the rules can be found at Rules Central.

6.17 - Gross Misconduct

Gross misconduct is defined as an indiscretion so serious that it justifies the instant expulsion of a skater, even on the first occurrence.

No Impact / No Penalty

6.17.1 - Not applicable.

Major Penalty

6.17.2 - Not applicable.

Expulsion or Suspension

The following egregious acts will be an automatic game expulsion, even if not during a fight, and can be punished as multi-game suspensions (see Section

6.17.3 - Illegal interference in game-play by skaters or support staff not involved in the jam.

6.17.4 - The repeated use of obscene, profane, or abusive language or gestures directed at a mascot, announcer, audience member, or other bout production individuals.

6.17.5 - The repetitive and excessive use of obscene, profane, or abusive language or gestures directed at an opposing skater, teammate, manager, coach, or other support staff.

6.17.6 - Fighting is an automatic expulsion for all participants and may result in a suspension (see Section 7.4.2). A fight is defined as a physical struggle that is not part of regular game play. A skater that only defends blows and does not engage in the fight will not be penalized.

6.17.7 - Biting.

6.17.8 - Jumping onto or into a pile of fighting skaters (i.e., “dog pile”).

6.17.9 - Serious physical violence or any action deemed by the officials to cause an extraordinary physical threat.

6.17.10 - Entry to the penalty box that causes either the skater, the skater’s seat, or another seat to forcibly contact another person. This includes people correctly positioned in their team bench area and is not limited to people in the penalty box.

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