The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby

NOTE: You are viewing the January 1, 2013 revision of The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby, which is officially retired.

The current version of the rules can be found at Rules Central.

3.3 - Jammer

3.3.1 - The Jammer’s role is to score points for their team per the specifications in Section 8 - Scoring. Each team is permitted one Jammer per jam. Prior to the start of a jam, Jammers line up on or behind the Jammer Line as specified in Section 4.2.4. - A Jammer’s privileges include: - A Jammer may earn Lead Jammer and so become the only skater with the privilege of calling off (ending) the jam prior to the expiration of the full two minutes (see Section 3.4 - Lead Jammer). - A Jammer may pass their position to the team’s Pivot according to the specifications in Section 3.5 - Passing the Star.

3.3.2 - Jammer Identification: The Jammer’s helmet cover must have two stars that are a minimum of 4 inches (10 cm) across, from point to point. Helmet cover base color and stars must be of high contrast and easily identifiable. - Only the Jammer’s helmet cover may have stars on it or any marks that might be confused with stars. - The Jammer helmet cover must be on the skater’s helmet or in the skater’s hand before the jam-starting whistle. Helmet covers cannot enter a jam in progress. - A skater lined up in the Jammer Starting Position will not be considered an active Jammer unless the skater is wearing a helmet cover with visible stars.

3.3.3 - An inactive Jammer has the advantage of all Jammer abilities except scoring points (Section 8 - Scoring) and earning Lead Jammer status (Section 3.4 - Lead Jammer).

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