The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby

NOTE: You are viewing the January 1, 2013 revision of The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby, which is officially retired.

The current version of the rules can be found at Rules Central.

2.6 - Timeouts

2.6.1 - Each team is allowed 3 one-minute timeouts per game.

2.6.2 - To take a timeout the Captain or Designated Alternate will signal the officials and make a “T” hand signal to request a timeout. Referees will signal for the clock to stop.

2.6.3 - Teams may take timeouts only between jams. - At the conclusion of the timeout, the Referees will direct the skaters to return to the track and start the next jam as soon as possible. The next jam can start as soon as skaters are lined up, but no more than 30 seconds should elapse after a timeout.

2.6.4 - Referees may call an Official Timeout at any point. This will stop the clock so that referees have time to review a call or adjust the number of skaters on the floor (see Section - If the officials call a time out during a jam in progress, the jam will end and a new jam will be run if there is time remaining on the official period clock (see Section 2.3.4 and Section

2.6.5 - After a timeout the period clock does not resume until the next jam starts.

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