The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby

NOTE: You are viewing the January 1, 2013 revision of The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby, which is officially retired.

The current version of the rules can be found at Rules Central.

2.3 - Periods

2.3.1 - The period begins when the designated Official blows the jam-starting whistle. The signal will be one short whistle blast.

2.3.2 - There will be a break of at least five minutes between periods.

2.3.3 - The period ends when the last jam reaches its natural conclusion (see Section 2.4 - Jams). This may extend past the point when the period clock reaches 0:00.

2.3.4 - If 30 seconds or fewer remain on the period clock when a jam ends, there will not be another jam started for that period unless a timeout is called (see Section 2.6.5).

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