WFTDInsurance Enrollment and Renewal 2015

December 3, 2014

WFTDInsurance enrollment/renewal 2015 is now available online! Beginning today, skaters who had WFTDInsurance in 2014 will receive an email prompting them to renew their coverage, and league insurance representatives will receive emails with information to renew or purchase general liability coverage for their leagues.

The price per person of coverage for 2015 is $70 per person for member, apprentice, and MRDA leagues. The cost of coverage for non-member and unaffiliated skaters is $75 per person. The cost for juniors is $40 per person. The deductible for people with primary insurance is now $2,500 while the deductible for those without primary insurance remains at $7,500.

General liability coverage will be $300 for member, apprentice and MRDA leagues, and $350 for non-member leagues. The cost for junior leagues is $250.

The benefits and limits for the coverage have not changed at all, nor have the claims process or deadlines. WFTDA will continue to offer continued reciprocity coverage with MRDA, USARS, JRDA, CRDi RSC, and Francis L. Dean.

Alcohol liability and inland marine (property) coverages are available for additional fees. Contact for more information.

How do we enroll?

Instructions and information will be emailed to you within the next 48 hours. You may also renew by going to, and going to your profile page. The link to renew is next to your insurance ID.

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