WFTDA Announces 2016 International Championships Officials

October 10, 2016

The WFTDA is pleased to announce the skating Referees, Non-Skating Officials, Games Tournament Oversight officers (GTOs), Rinxter/Game Stats Manager and Risk Management representatives for the 2016 International WFTDA Championships in Portland, Oregon, USA.

WFTDA Championships Officials are selected through a review of applicants' experience and qualifications and performance in 2015 Playoffs, in order to staff Championships with the most highly trained and experienced Officials. GTOs manage sanctioning, provide Games policy and procedure oversight and support teams with competitive needs throughout the tournament. Rinxter Managers manage the game statistics and provide on-site games data support to the tournament. The Risk Management representatives oversee safety and medical procedures.

Tournament Head Referee: Sir Osis
Tournament Head Non-Skating Official: 90° Johnson
Games Tournament Oversight Officers (GTO): crab apple and Pretty Reckless
Rinxter Manager: Hi Refinition
Risk Management Representatives: Shelli Wiggins and Rolli Cannoli

Skating Officials

Crew 1
Crew 2
Crew 3
CHR Umpire Strikes Back CHR Code Adam CHR Loren Order
IPR J.C. Chaotic IPR DJ Jazzy Reff IPR Reverend Riot
JR Eric Rawk JR Duke Skellington JR Seer Sin
JR Collin DeShotz JR Harry Spot'er JR Patricide
OPR Oh Grr OPR Jon Dilks OPR PhDiva
OPR Laddie OPR Major Wood OPR Mike Hammer
OPR Izzy Demented OPR Kat A Killzem OPR Wernher von Bombed
Alt Harm N. Killabrew Alt Jesse Jackass Alt Interrobang Yerdehd

Non-Skating Officials (NSOs)

Crew 1
Crew 2
Crew 3
CHNSO/IWB sHellCat CHNSO/IWB Nine Inch Wheels CHNSO/IWB Intejill
PT dedi Hubbard PT Morgue N Donor PT Silken Tofu
PW Travis Sickle PW Allyaz Stoned PW Momo
JT Wizard of Laws JT Mike SumNoyz JT Drop Dead Gorgon
SK JewJew Bee SK Seán-Quad SK Stella by Starlight
SK Amelia Dareheart SK GalVaTron SK Tenacious D Cup
SO geoknitter SO Reed d`Rulz SO Wishbone Breaker
PBM Sho` Nuff PBM Sod Off PBM Bert Hert
PBT TaraByte PBT Chiro-Fracture PBT Stabby McNeedles
PBT Danger Muffin PBT Kill C. Grammar PBT Strong Female Character
LT Doc Skinner LT Rabid Derby Fan LT Maria Von Slapp
LT Mortricia LT Darby O'Kill LT I.V. NixeN
LTS Apron LTS Shake N Break LTS Chanel No. Die
Alt Los Angry-Lez Alt Doc Psycho Alt Trogdora the Jaminator

Congratulations to those who were selected!

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.