Nov. 30 WFTDA Rankings, New Division Assignments Released

December 9, 2013

NOTE: The Nov. 30 Rankings and the 2014 Divisions were updated Dec. 10. A data entry error for one game was discovered after our normal review period was completed. The error was corrected, and that has caused a slight adjustment in rankings, as well as the Division assignment for two teams.

The latest WFTDA rankings were released today, reflecting the results of sanctioned games played through Nov. 30. These rankings were also used to set leagues’ Division placements for the 2013-2014 competitive season.

These assigned Division placements determine the game play requirements that WFTDA charter teams need to meet in order to be eligible for 2014 WFTDA Playoff tournaments.

  • Teams ranked 1-40 are placed in Division 1 (D1) and must complete D1 game requirements.
  • Teams ranked 41-100 are placed in Division 2 (D2) and must complete D2 game requirements.
  • Teams ranked 101 and any teams that become WFTDA members during 2014 are placed in Division 3 (D3) and must complete D3 game requirements.

As a result of the current rankings, eight teams moved from Division 1 to Division 2 and, also, eight Division 2 teams are now in Division 1. Eleven teams moved from Division 3 to Division 2, with two teams that became full WFTDA members in 2013 joining Division 2. Thirteen Division 2 teams move to Division 3 for the upcoming season.

Teams will retain their Division designation for the next twelve months, even if their ranking changes over the course of the year and moves them up or down these groupings.

Seeding into Playoff tournaments will be based on the June 30, 2014 rankings. Depending on that ranking, teams may end up playing in a different Division Playoff tournament than the Division in which they are placed for the competitive season.

For more information on the WFTDA, download our overview of the WFTDA Competitive Divisions System (updated December 2013).

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