WFTDA Membership Approves Changes to Tournament Seeding Rubric, Adds Additional D2 Games to Champs

July 13, 2015

To support growing global participation at the highest level of play, WFTDA Membership has approved changes to the WFTDA Playoff seeding process to allow leagues with significant and measurable financial and geographic preferences to request specific Playoff locations. This change allows WFTDA Competitive Play more flexibility in assigning Playoff locations that best fit the needs of members while maintaining competitive matchups.

In May, a Location Request Form opened and leagues were allowed to submit preferences based on financial needs. The form closed by May 31 so requests could not be based on forecasted competitive matchups. Once the June 30 rankings were finalized and S-Curve seeding complete, WFTDA Games, the WFTDA Tournament Director and the Board of Directors reviewed the requests to grant approvals.

If a team was granted a location request and wasn’t already placed in a preferential location, WFTDA Competitive Play switched the team with another team in the same seeding spot in another bracket, selecting the team for which the switch was the most geographically advantageous. For example, if the 10th-ranked team was granted a location request, they could be switched with the 9th-, 11th- or 12th-ranked team as all are #3 seeds in their respective brackets.

WFTDA Membership also approved the addition of two games to the D2 schedule at WFTDA Championships, allowing all four participating teams the opportunity to play for the D2 title.

The top two finishers from each of the two D2 Playoffs will be invited to WFTDA Championships. In the first two games of the Championship tournament on Friday, the top finisher from one D2 tournament will play the second-place finisher from the other D2 tournament. The winners of each game will then meet in Sunday’s D2 Final and the losers will compete in Sunday’s D2 Consolation game.

A new Competitive Divisions whitepaper has been published that reflects these two changes.

Stay tuned to Tournament Central as location seeding will be announced July 15!

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