Additional Rules Materials Released

December 17, 2014

The WFTDA Rules Committee has released clarifications and corrections of two areas of the December 1, 2014 Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby.

The errata include the following:

  • Rule is numbered incorrectly and should be
  • Glossary entry for Penalty should read: A violation of the rules of the game requiring the Skater to serve time in the Penalty Box (i.e., an action), or the specific punishment of serving time in the Penalty Box due to the commission of such a violation (see Section 5 - Penalties).

These changes are highlighted in newly updated PDF and online versions of The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby, as well as the line-by-line change document, which can all be found at Rules Central.

The WFTDA is also preparing to release updates to the WFTDA Rules mobile applications. The mobile applications will be updated in two stages. The rules update (including these fixes) will be pushed out to users next week. Updates to incorporate revised WFTDA Officials Standard Practices and WFTDA Official Hand Signals will accompany the release of those documents in mid-January.

In addition, the Men’s Roller Derby Association today released the MRDA-branded version of the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby, including these updates.

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