2014 WFTDA Playoffs Announcers Revealed

August 5, 2014

The WFTDA is pleased to reveal the announcers for the international 2014 WFTDA Division 1 and Division 2 Playoffs. This year saw the most applicants ever for the playoffs.

Announcers completed applications and reference checks before being added to the pool for consideration. This year’s announcers were selected by each Tournament Head Announcer, and reviewed by a WFTDA panel which included the Announcer Pool Coordinator Sasha Morrigan, and WFTDA staff members including Tournament Director Alisha Campbell, Director of Broadcast Erica Vanstone, and Marketing and Communications Manager Jenna Cloughley. The panel also included a representative of the Association of Flat Track Derby Announcers (AFTDA).

D2: Duluth, Minnesota, USA

August 15-17
Duluth Entertainment Convention Center

Head Announcer: Koolaid
Broadcast: AK-40oz, Captain Lou El Bammo, Desi Cration, Gretchen the Axe, John Maddening, Rev. Norb
Venue: Allie Gator, Amelia No Heart, Hi-Death, Professor D, Stash Merkin, Wilhelm Scream

D2: Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

August 22-24
Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex

Head Announcer: Lightning Slim
Broadcast: AK-40oz., Baam Baam, Captain Lou El Bammo, Derby Nerd, Kent the Politician, Plastik Patrik
Venue: Darth Paul, Dill Hero, Hi-Death, Mr. Whistler, OBI Serious, Pink Slamminade

D1: Sacramento, California, USA

September 5-7
Memorial Auditorium

Head Announcer: Sweet Willy T
Broadcast: Brad Example, Helen Carnate, John Maddening, Mike Chexx, Tara Armov, Val Capone
Venue: Bob Ueckerlele, Dirty 8 Special, Gretchen the Axe, Hard Drive, Joe Mama, Nikki Nightmare, Phil Dirt, Raucous Ron
Alternate: Kimfectious, Postal Servix

D1: Evansville, Indiana, USA

September 19-21
Ford Center

Head Announcer: Danny Mac
Broadcast: AK-40oz, Captain Lou El Bammo, Magilla Guerilla, Muckety Muck, Rev. Norb, Vince Hannity
Venue: Amelia No Heart, Chip Queso, Electra Blu, Hi-Death, Kent the Politician, Latenight Lyle, Lightning Slim, Yiddish Invastion
Alternate: Daddy Ho’maker, Hard Drive

D1: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

September 26-28
Salt Palace Convention Center

Head Announcer: Moxxxie
Broadcast: Bulldog, Mizz Communication, Phil Dirt, Plastik Patrik, Tara Armov, The Alexorcist
Venue: Chloroform Cupcake, DJ Dick, Eeyore Jameson, Kasey Bomber, Kimfectious, MC Unreahl, O’ Woody Tie, Postal Servix

D1: Charleston, West Virginia, USA

October 3-5
Charleston Civic Center

Head Announcer: Kim Deal With It
Broadcast: Amy Jo Moore, Captain Lou El Bammo, Elle Beaux, Lightning Slim, Mike Chexx, Sissy Splaysek
Venue: Big Daddy Voodoo, Daddy Ho’maker, Dill Hero, Doctor Sho’nuff, Inspector Muffin, Professor Lou Botomy, Scott Chicken, Val Capone
Alternate: Bear, Wonder Wehrman

Championships: Nashville, Tennessee, USA

October 31-November 02
Nashville Municipal Auditorium

Head Announcer: Baam Baam

The announcers for the international 2014 WFTDA Championships will be selected after the conclusion of the Division 1 and Division 2 Playoffs.

Thanks to all who applied for the announcer pool, and congratulations to all of the announcers who were selected!

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