WFTDA Announces Call for Instructors for Fourth Annual WFTDA Officiating Cycle

October 19, 2012

The WFTDA is excited to announce the call for instructors for the fourth annual WFTDA Officiating Clinic cycle, which will run from January 2013 through September 2013.

The 2013 WFTDA Officiating Clinics cycle will incorporate updates from the recently-voted WFTDA rules revision, which includes the No Minors rule set, as well as vetted educational materials that have been continually developed since the Officiating Clinic Program’s inception in 2010. Among the clinics’ objectives are: 1) to offer training focused on the 2013 rules revision; 2) to provide officials with tools and practical knowledge that will allow them to develop their skills in order to manage bouts effectively; and 3) to offer attendees a working knowledge of the tools and resources needed to join the WFTDA development path and follow it to Certification. Clinics will be open to officials of all stripes and affiliations, as well as skaters and coaches who are interested in developing a deep understanding of the rules of roller derby and their application.

The WFTDA aims to have a two-day clinic in each US domestic region, as well as two clinics each in Australia and Europe, and one clinic in South America during the 2013 WFTDA Officiating Clinic cycle. The resources and opportunities that WFTDA will offer clinic instructors are stated in the Call for Applications, downloadable below.

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