WFTDA Championship Seeding to be Announced October 12

October 6, 2010

The seeding for the 2010 WFTDA Championship Tournament will be announced on Tuesday, October 12, at 12:00pm Pacific Time. A video of the drawing used to determine the seeding will be available at

Uproar on the LakeshoreTwelve teams will compete for the title of 2010 WFTDA Champions and a chance to claim the Hydra, the championship trophy, Nov. 5-7 in Chicago, IL. The top three teams from each WFTDA regional playoff tournament will make up the twelve teams competing at Uproar at the Lakeshore.

The winners of each playoff get a first-round bye at the Championship, while each second-place team will face a third-place team from another region. The Oct. 12 drawing will determine what the latter match-ups will be.

More details on Uproar on the Lakeshore.

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