Rollergirls' growth bridges mainstream and alternative

May 6, 2010

CINCINNATI, OH - Jennifer Adkins roams the Intensive Care Unit at University Hospital. As a full-time nurse, she makes her rounds and checks on patients with a tender touch.

Her very existence aims to bring hope and healing to the lives of all those whose path she crosses.

Hours later, she walks into a sprawling, dark, musty warehouse and slips through a mysterious covered doorway underneath a sign that reads: "Chop Shop."

Once she walks through, her persona changes. From her clothes to her job all the way down to her name. No longer Jen the nurse, she goes by the name Trauma. She's the Cincinnati Rollergirls 2009 Blocker of the Year and her primary objective is to impose her physical will on others.

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Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.