What exactly is a WFTDA sanctioned bout?

A WFTDA-sanctioned bout is a regulation match played between the chartered, or "all-star," teams from two different member leagues. These matches are reviewed by WFTDA Games officials before they are granted sanctioning, and the results of the bout count towards the leagues' ranking. Due to differences in league structures, most WFTDA leagues also play non-sanctioned matches either between local home teams (members of the same league playing against one another), or between "farm" teams of less-experienced skaters from different leagues.

These WFTDA-sanctioned bouts consist of two 30-minute periods with a halftime break. One bout generally takes around 1 ½ to 2 hours. This is depending on timeouts, injuries, or other interruptions in play. Also, the bout will tend to run longer if a skater gets hurt and the EMTs are attending to that skater while on the track.

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