D1 Playoffs

Tucson, AZ

Sept 4-6
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Tucson Roller Derby (TRD) was one of the first modern flat track roller derby leagues, forming initially in 2003, and was an early member of the United Leagues Committee (ULC), the precursor to the WFTDA. Tucson had the honor of hosting the first-ever WFTDA National Championship Tournament in 2006, hosting 20 WFTDA leagues from around the United States in a tournament to determine the nation's first-ever WFTDA national champion team. We also hosted the 2007 WFTDA Western Regional Tournament, and we now hold an annual Dust Devil Tournament every year in April to bring skaters from around the WFTDA world to compete against one another. TRD is thrilled to be given another opportunity to host some of the best skaters in the world; our skaters, officials, and volunteers are ready to make your time in the Old Pueblo one to remember.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.