D1 Playoffs

Jacksonville, FL

Sept 18-20
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Team Profile

Jacksonville RollerGirls (#9)

Jacksonville Rollergirls


Team Name: New Jax City Rollers

Based in: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Joined WFTDA: December 2010

Previous Playoffs and Championships Experience:

2014 4th Place, D1 Evansville
2013 6th Place, D1 Richmond
2012 10th Place, South Central

2015 Season Record: 9-1

Playoffs Charter

00 Krispy Kreme-Her
1024 Tera Bites
1057 Canadia
111 Jamsterella
13 Kat Von
189 Leahpocalypse
235 Atomic Mel-Down
301 Legs R Us
480 Erin Jackson
50 Lucinda Knickers
57 Noam Bombsky
62 Fancy Schmancy (C)
777 Lei Toro
78 Georgia Hope
860 Shady Godiva
9 Stephanie Gentz
912 Eirinn Go Brawl
92 Patti Smithereens
934 Spice
99 Egg McMuff Punch
Coaches: Jeremy Strecker, Chuck Best


What was the turning point for your league to make it to Playoffs this season?
I think the games that kept our momentum going were playing Texas and London in last year's Playoffs. Although the final score was 90-100 points difference, we had some very tight scores at the half. For that first half we proved to ourselves that we can hang with the top teams....at least for the first half (lol). It boosted our confidence, kept the fire going to train hard, and continue making our team even stronger.

Who are this year’s Captains of your travel team?
Fancy and Jamsterella are our co-captains and have been for two seasons now:

Fancy is the team Mom. She keeps the team organized, is assertive when needed, loving, and can be a voice of reason. See....sort of like the Mom.

Jamsterella, being a previous team USA skater, has tons of skating experience. She remains cool in every game. She is the chill one that never gets worked up about anything. The Zen of the team.

Is your travel team doing anything new or special to prepare for Playoffs?
We all really try to buckle down before playoffs and tighten up our diet and increase our workouts. Most of us try and do this all year, but I think playoffs gives you that extra boost to do a little extra.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.