2015 International

Playoffs & Championships

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Rose City Wins 2015 International WFTDA Championships!

Rose City Rollers (#1 Seed Dallas Playoffs) won the 2015 International WFTDA Championships in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Reigning Champions, Gotham Girls Roller Derby (#1 Seed Omaha Playoffs) placed 2nd, and Victorian Roller Derby League (#1 Seed Tucson Playoffs) came in 3rd.

Sacred City Derby Girls (#2 Seed Detroit Playoffs) won the D2 Championships, with Nashville Rollergirls (#1 Seed Detroit Playoffs) coming in 2nd, and Demolition City Roller Derby (#2 Seed Cleveland Playoffs) placing 3rd.


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D2 Playoffs: Cleveland
D2 Playoffs: Detroit

D1 Playoffs: Tucson
D1 Playoffs: Dallas

D1 Playoffs: Jacksonville
D1 Playoffs: Omaha


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