Declaration of Derby WFTDA 2009 Nationals

Declaration of Derby

Hosted by:
Philly Roller Girls

Philly Roller Girls

Oly Rollers win

The Women's Flat Track Derby Association congratulates the Oly Rollers of Olympia, WA, on winning the 2009 WFTDA National Tournament. The WFTDA tournament season came to an end on Nov. 15, 2009 after the top 12 seeds for the 2009 roller derby season faced off at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA, at an event hosted by the Philly Roller Girls. Appropriately named "Declaration of Derby," the National Tournament once again brought together the best talent flat-track roller derby has to offer.

Photo by Jules Doyle

The Oly Rollers joined WFTDA in April 2008, and this was the first tournament season in which the league was eligible to participate. The Cosa Nostra Donnas won the 2009 Western Regional Tournament in October and entered the 2009 National Tournament as the #1 seed from their region, earning a first-round Bye. The team defeated two prior national champions, Gotham Girls Roller Derby (2008) and Texas Rollergirls (2006), on their path to claim The Hydra, WFTDA’s championship trophy.

The Texas Rollergirls of Austin, TX, took second place in the tournament, followed by the Denver Roller Dolls in third place and the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls in fourth place.

Championship Tournament Results:

Friday, November 13th, 2009

  • Boston Derby Dames (#3 East) 104, Mad Rollin' Dolls (#2 North Central) 98
  • Rocky Mountain Roller Girls (#2 West) 239, Houston Roller Derby (#3 South Central) 46
  • Denver Roller Dolls (#3 West) 175, Kansas City Roller Warriors (#2 South Central) 89
  • Gotham Girls Roller Derby (#2 East) 187, Detroit Derby Girls (#3 North Central) 38

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

  • Texas Rollergirls (#1 South Central) 111, Boston Derby Dames (#3 East) 72
  • Rocky Mountain Roller Girls (#2 West) 128, Philly Roller Girls (#1 East) 121
  • Denver Roller Dolls (#3 West) 157, Windy City Rollers (#1 North Central) 125
  • Oly Rollers (#1 West) 136, Gotham Girls Roller Derby (#2 East) 105
  • Texas Rollergirls 139, Rocky Mountain Roller Girls 82
  • Oly Rollers 178, Denver Roller Dolls 91

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

  • Denver Roller Dolls 151, Rocky Mountain Roller Girls 103
  • Championship Bout: Oly Rollers 178, Texas Rollergirls 100

Participating Leagues

The top three teams from each of the four regional tournaments have advanced to the "Declaration of Derby," the 2009 National tournament, for a chance to win the coveted Hydra Trophy. This year’s tournament structure increases the number of teams at the National tournament to twelve, from eight teams for the past two years.

Wicked Wheels of the East

Eastern Regionals

  1. Philly Roller Girls
  2. Gotham Girls Roller Derby
  3. Boston Derby Dames

Brawl of America

North Central Regionals

  1. Windy City Rollers
  2. Mad Rollin' Dolls
  3. Detroit Derby Girls

Southern Fried Smackdown

South Central Regionals

  1. Texas Rollergirls
  2. Kansas City Roller Warriors
  3. Houston Roller Derby

Derby on the Rocks

Western Regionals

  1. Oly Rollers
  2. Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
  3. Denver Roller Dolls

Visiting Philadelphia

Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love, is the largest city in Pennsylvania and the sixth most populous city in the United States. It is home to the Liberty Bell, Rocky and the Cheese Steak. Philadelphia’s distinct areas and eclectic residents give the city history, diversity, and a unique flair.

Located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Convention Center is adjacent to a major hotel and connected to the hub of the city’s public transportation system. This central location will facilitate public access, reduce travel expenses and increase enjoyment for all attendees to the tournament and associated activities.

Staging WFTDA’s Declaration of Derby 2009 in Philadelphia — a major metropolitan media market — will enable local and national news and sports affiliate stations to cover the tournament — and women’s flat track roller derby as never before!

The Philly Roller Girls look forward to sharing the historic culture of the "City of Sisterly Shove" with our roller derby family from all over the world.

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