Rankings Calculation, Approval Process and Release Schedule

Rankings Calculation and Approval Process

  1. Score Entry and Verification

    See the WFTDA Sanctioning Policy for score submission deadlines and procedures.

    The WFTDA Rankings Committee will enter the score from all sanctioned games into the Rankings Calculator. The score will be considered unofficial until the full paperwork is received and logged by the WFTDA Sanctioning Committee.

  2. Member Review

    At the end of a public-release ranking period (generally one month), the WFTDA Rankings Committee will post the rankings on the WFTDA Forum for review and will list any sanctioned games that are missing scores. A deadline will be provided for any feedback on the rankings.

    The WFTDA membership will review the results and report any missing or incorrect scores to the WFTDA Rankings Committee.

  3. Public Release

    Teams ineligible for public ranking will retain their ranking in the WFTDA Rankings Calculator, however, they will be removed from the public release and teams below them will move up to fill in the gaps.

Public Rankings Release Schedule

Although rankings are calculated monthly for WFTDA Membership, the WFTDA issues public releases nine times a year due to the WFTDA Playoff season. Public releases of rankings will occur approximately one week after the rankings period ends, with the exception of June 30 rankings. June 30 rankings will be released with the Playoff brackets.

Rankings Games Included
November 30 December 1 of the prior year - November 30 of the release year.
December 31 January 1 - December 31 of the prior year.
January 31 February 1 of the prior year - January 31 of the release year.
February 28 (29) March 1 of the prior year - February 28 (29) of the release year.
March 31 April 1 of the prior year - March 31 of the release year.
April 30 May 1 of the prior year - April 30 of the release year.
May 31 June 1 of the prior year - May 31 of the release year.
June 30 July 1 of the prior year - June 30 of the release year. Tournament Seeding for the current year’s WFTDA Playoffs will be based on this release.
Post-Playoffs Any games in the 12-month period prior to the end of the last WFTDA Playoff of the year. (Approximately mid-October of the previous year to the end of the last WFTDA Playoff of the release year.)

Should a WFTDA Playoff take place on a weekend at the end of a ranking period, in such a way that games are split between rankings periods, the WFTDA Rankings Committee will calculate all games in that tournament in the first of the two rankings periods.

The WFTDA Rankings Committee Chair may, at their discretion, choose to calculate rankings more than the monthly interval for member league informational purposes only. Rankings are only final at the conclusion of a ranking period.

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