Letter of Support from Jerry Seltzer

August 10, 2007


I just attended RollerCon for one day only and I found it amazing, uplifting, and inspiring.

My father invented Roller Derby in 1935 (on August 13 in Chicago) and I promoted it from 1958 until it was shut down in 1973. I never thought it would be back. But it is, to an extent that my father and me could have never dreamed.

My father [Leo Seltzer] always wanted Roller Derby to be legitimate and to be in the Olympics; I think it can now.

Please keep me informed of the leagues and the growth, and any ideas that you might want me to volunteer for.

I am associated with the new musical (rollerderbythemusical.com) which will be in New York from September 20 to 26. One of the Gotham Girls (Margaret Thrasher) auditioned against all the other talent and obtained a part in the show. She is a great singer and dancer. I would appreciate it if the website could be listed whenever possible.

Please keep on rolling.....The girls were wonderful and I hope to be there again next year.

Jerry Seltzer
"The Commissioner"

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.