Thunder Bay Roller Derby League

Thunder Bay ON, Canada

TBRDL was founded in 2010. The league consists of two home teams The Grizzly Madams and The Elle Capones and an all star travel team called the Babes of Thunder. TBRDL is based in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada In 2013 the league became WFTDA apprentices and graduated to full membership in January 2016. The Babes of Thunder are now one of the many teams in the world representing Division 'C'. TBRDL is an incorporation that exists to promote the sport of roller derby in north west Canada. They travel to other cities in their region and also to the USA for competition. The league is a not for profit organization who donates a portion of their bout ticket sales to a chosen charity each season. TBRDL supports it's members and creates positive female role models in their community. As a member of WFTDA, all activities of TBRDL are designed with the following in mind - to foster sportsmanship - inclusiveness - safety of all participants - all decisions are made by the skaters for the participants The league recruits twice a year. We invite woman ages 18 and older to join an already diverse league of skaters, referees and volunteers. We pride ourselves in being inclusive to all and men can join as referees. TBRDL calls The Delaney Arena home and they hold all their bouts there. Practices take place in the basement of the former Eatons Department Store.

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