Stockholm Roller Derby

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Roller Derby (STRD) is a roller derby league based in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 2007, the league currently consists of two travel teams which compete against teams from other leagues.

The first roller derby league in Scandinavia, Stockholm Roller Derby was founded by Nattis Mörkenstam, Linn Hultström, Jenny Stendahl, Emmelie Bogårdh and Michel Diaz Nocetti and initially practised in a garage. They struggled to find a permanent practice venue, and initially recruited only slowly. However, the league received a major boost when the film Whip It! was released, and found training space in an abandoned shopping mall. By mid-2010, the league had forty skaters, while three other leagues had emerged in the country, including Crime City Rollers.

Stockholm played their first bout in October 2010, against Helsinki Roller Derby, and took part in the first all-Swedish bout in March 2011, against Crime City Rollers. The league also participated in the first Scandinavian tournament, “Battle of the Nordic Light”, losing to Helsinki but beating Copenhagen.

In April 2011 Roller Derby was the first indoor sports to become a part of Svenska Skridskoförbundet . Stockholm Roller Derby was the first member league.

Seven of Stockholm’s skaters were selected to play for Team Sweden at the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup.

As of December 2012 STRD are full members of Women’s Flat Track Derby Association and are eligable for their official international rankings and part of the eastern division.

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