Rotterdam Roller Derby

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam Death Row Honeys was founded in September 2010, when eight women started training on roller skates in a local parking lot. The women’s team has rapidly grown into one of the largest roller derby leagues in the Netherlands. This development resulted in a structure and name change in 2014. As from that moment the league from Rotterdam is known as Rotterdam Roller Derby. Rotterdam Death Row Honeys became the “allstars” team within the league.

Rotterdam Roller Derby is run by the members of the league. We have a Rotterdam mentality; roll up your sleeves, buckle down and do not complain. That mentality has brought us to where we are now. A league with attention for everyone!

What does that mean? Anyone who has a warm heart for roller derby is welcome to our league. We support athletes as well as recreational players. We facilitate the development of officials. Our vision is to affiliate with the experiences and needs of the members. Therefore, we believe, above all, in the importance of having fun together.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.