Okinawa Roller Derby

Okinawa, Japan

Starting in the summer of 2010, we started the Okinawa roller derby fever. We're hot, hard, and fast- just like a derby girl should be! Contact us at

Mission Okinawa Roller Derby (formerly the Kokeshi Roller Dolls) is the first women's flat-track roller derby league in Okinawa, Japan that was established to provide a healthy, competitive, and enjoyable sport to the military, civilian, and local populations.

We operate in accordance with the WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association) rules and regulations, and function as a non-profit organization to support and further the worldwide roller derby community and to provide an opportunity for friendship and recreation.

こけしローラードールズは沖縄初の女性だけのフラットトラックローラーダービーリーグです。ローラーダービーは、軍属、民間人、地元の誰でも楽しめる健全なスポーツ競技です。女性のフラットトラックダービー協会(WFTDA)の規定にそって非営利団体として地域への支援とローラーダービーの復興、又 友好とレクレーションを広げる活動をしています。

Description Okinawa Roller Derby fields one home team: the Kokeshi Roller Dolls, for local home team bouts and mixed scrimmages. The chartered, travel team is The Undertow. The Undertow competes against interleague opponents from Japan and the United States.

General Information ANY 18 year old female with health insurance (TriCare counts!) can tryout for ORD. Contact us at Men and women accepted for Refs and Coaches too!

18歳以上で健康保険加入の女性なら誰でもKRDに加入できます。 お問い合わせは レフリー、コーチは男性、女性を問いません!

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.