Ohio Roller Derby

Columbus OH

Ohio Roller Derby was the first modern roller derby in Ohio, founded in 2005 in Columbus. Their first season was in 2006, and kicked off with four home teams. In late 2008, the league voted to play interleague only, facing off against competition from all corners of the WFTDA as the Ohio Roller Derby All Stars (the Charter Team which plays for rankings) and Gang Green (B Team).

Ohio hosted the first ever WFTDA East regional tournament in 2007, Heartland Havoc, as well as the 2010 WFTDA Annual Meeting, Oh!Con.

Ohio's charter team has appeared at Heartland Havoc (2007), Philly's East Coast Derby Extravaganza (2007-2009), Ft Wayne's Fall Brawl (2008), Brewcity's Midwest Brew Ha Ha (2010,-2015), Naptown's Monumental Mayhem (2011), Queen City's Thrill of the Spill (2012), 2013 both the Fort Wayne Division 1 Playoffs and Division 1 Championships, 2014 Evansville Division 1 playoffs, 2015 Houston Division 1 playoffs, 2016 Madison Division 1 playoffs, 2017 Pittsburgh D2 Playoffs, and 2018 North American East Cup

OHRD plays double-header bouts in Columbus at the Ohio Expo Center (state fairgrounds), generally from March - June.

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