Hell's Orchard Roller Derby

Marietta OH

Hell's Orchard Roller Derby (HORD) formed as a league in January of 2016, from the Hades Ladies of Marietta, OH. The Hadies Ladies have been skating since 2011. The teams has a long bout history and wanted the challenge of playing stronger teams in our area.

Since the 2016 our league has worked to enhance the core group of WFTDA tested skaters known as Hell's Orchard Roller Derby, through extensive training camps and bouts with a variety of teams. Our league has continued to build up the self esteem of current skaters through various boot camps and skills camps held by WFTDA certified skaters throughout the area and we have also worked to increase skills of our newer skaters through weekly boot camps and training sessions.

As we move forward as a league, our hope is to continue to build up our skaters athletically and personally so that all achievements are celebrated. We want to grow as a team athletically and test ourselves mentally and physically on the track.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.