Alamo City Rollergirls

San Antonio TX

The Alamo City Rollergirls is a skater-owned and operated all-female roller derby league.

Our league was founded in 2005 by Kat “Kitty Glitter” Feuerbackner and Cate “Nita Spankin” Compton. These ladies made it their mission to bring the great sport of derby to San Antonio, Texas, and they succeeded in bringing together skaters and volunteers to form a nationally recognized league.

The years have gone by, but ACRG has not forgot its humble, grassroots beginnings. We remain committed to our community building and outreach as well as supporting women’s athleticism. We continue to grow and mature as a league work together to increase our presence at home in the Alamo City and in the world of roller derby.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.