Apprentice Program FAQs

Looking for more information about WFTDA's Apprentice Program?  Below you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What does the Apprentice Program (AP) involve?

The Apprentice Program curriculum covers a wide range of topics that will help you keep your league healthy, sustainable, an active member of the WFTDA, and take full advantage of member benefits of such as insurance, ranking, game sanctioning, as well as the following:

  • WFTDA membership
  • Bouting and game play
  • Training and mentoring for league referees

How long does it take a league to complete the Apprentice Program?

Generally, the curriculum will take one year to complete, however it is conceivable that a could complete the program more quickly.

The application fee is $300. Are there any other fees associated with the WFTDA Apprentice Program?

In the first year of the Apprentice Program, there are no further fees assessed, however, apprenticeship beyond the first year will result in further administrative fees.

Does it matter if there is another league from my town/city/area that is already a member of the WFTDA or the Apprentice Program?

No. The WFTDA has no restriction on multiple leagues coming from the same city. Many cities already contain more than one WFTDA Member League.

Can Apprentice Program leagues sign up for WFTDA insurance?

Yes, Apprentice Program leagues have the option to enroll in WFTDA's insurance plan. WFTDA insurance includes General Liability Coverage, Excess Liability Coverage, and Accidental Medical Coverage. This option may not be available to leagues based outside of the US. Contact for details.

Can leagues play WFTDA sanctioned games while in the Apprentice Program?

Many Apprentice leagues play games under the complete WFTDA rules and regulations, however AP leagues cannot sanction their games to go towards ranking. During a league's time in the Apprentice Program, they will be required to play one game against a full member league. They also have the option to play games against full member leagues that will apply to their strength factor in the WFTDA Rankings Calculator once they graduate to full member status.

Can Apprentice Program Leagues participate in WFTDA tournaments?

Apprentice Leagues are not eligible for Division 1 or Division 2 WFTDA-organized tournaments. However, Apprentice Leagues are eligible to participate in WFTDA Recognized Tournaments (for example, East Coast Extravaganza, Wild West Showdown, Midwest BrewHaHa).

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