Purchase WFTDA Insurance

WFTDA accidental medical insurance covers skaters and skating officials at flat track roller derby practices, scrimmages, and bouts. WFTDA insurance does not cover NSOs, coaches, or other non-skating participants.

Skaters must adhere to the WFTDA’s Risk Management Guidelines at all times. Claims incurred as a result of safety protocol violations will not be paid. Claims incurred outside of a league practice, scrimmage, or bout will not be paid. Coverage is valid in the United States and Canada.

WFTDA accidental medical coverage includes:

  • $2,500 deductible for skaters with primary insurance
  • $7,500 deductible for skaters without primary insurance
  • $10,000 maximum

The WFTDA strongly recommends that skaters carry their own primary insurance coverage in addition to the supplemental coverage purchased through WFTDA Insurance.

Please enter the name of the league you skate with and select it from the popup menu.

If you are a skating official with no primary league affiliation, please enter “Skating Offical” as the league name.

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