September 8, 2015

FAQ about the Junior Flat Track Derby Association.

Why create a new junior derby organization?
Currently, there is no junior derby organization that upholds the “by the skater, for the skater” democratic philosophy that is the core of WFTDA values. The creation of the JFTDA guarantees this philosophy will continue on in future generations of derby skaters.

If my league signs up, what is required of us?
As of right now, the only requirements are that you will uphold the values and mission statements. If you register, you will be able to voice your league’s opinions to other junior leagues on a private forum, and ultimately vote on the topics that the JFTDA discusses. After membership requirements have been established and the organization prepares to actually form, you will be able to decide if your league wants to continue with the JFTDA or not.

Is the JFTDA coed?
That has not been decided yet. All that has been decided are the guiding values and mission statements. The junior derby leagues who register now to form the JFTDA will have the opportunity to vote on this issue when the membership requirements are determined. The WFTDA Junior Committee understands this issue is at the forefront of many junior derby conversations.

Is the JFTDA affiliated with JRDA?
No, the JFTDA is a unique junior derby coalition and is not associated with the JRDA.

Is the JFTDA a separate entity from the WFTDA?
The JFTDA will initially be facilitated by the WFTDA Junior Committee. This will continue until the JFTDA has a sustainable structure, at which time a Board of Directors will be voted in, and the JFTDA will continue to exist as an independent organization separate from the WFTDA.

Why is this information required for registration?
The information collected in the survey is purely for contact purposes so that we know how to contact you as well as demographic purposes for the WFTDA Junior Committee.

If my junior derby league is already a part of another junior derby organization, can I still sign up?
Yes, absolutely.

Is this movement being done in collaboration with the JRDA or separate?
The launch of the JFTDA is not affiliated with JRDA. However, all leagues, regardless of current affiliation, may register for the JFTDA and maintain dual-membership if they choose.

You cite one of the reasons for there being a JFTDA is "for the skaters by the skaters". Does this mean junior skaters will be voting on things directly like the adult teams do now?
This will really be up to the member leagues who make up the JFTDA. Junior leagues are typically managed by adults, so it’s possible that there will be a combination of adults and juniors working together to make decisions based on the skaters’ needs and wants. The member leagues developing the core of the JFTDA will have to discuss how they wish to handle voting and other matters. Within the WFTDA, each member league has a Representative who votes/contributes on behalf of their league, and the JFTDA may elect to follow a similar model.

The idea behind establishing a junior coalition with the same principles of the WFTDA is to give more power, voice, and leadership to the member leagues, including both the adults and junior participants who make up those leagues. Providing opportunities for youth to have a voice is extremely powerful, and we see the JFTDA - where youth are given a chance to participate in the democratic process - as a revolutionary concept.

How does junior derby currently intersect with WFTDA? Is there any sort of relationship now?
The WFTDA membership discussed long and hard about how we wanted to be involved in a potential junior organization. What we decided is that while the WFTDA Junior Committee (made up of elected officials) will provide support as the organization takes shape, the JFTDA will attain self sufficiency and independent control of its own governance. Some examples of how the WFTDA is helping get the JFTDA off the ground include building an online forum for membership communication, securing a website domain and coordinating the registration process for interested leagues. We look forward to helping get the ball rolling and then stepping back and allowing the member leagues to take the reigns.

Junior Roller Derby is currently open to both boys and girls, would the JFTDA be that way? And what does that mean for male skaters who become 18? The announcement indicates a smoother transition for junior skaters to WFTDA, but obviously that excludes male skaters.
This is undecided and is something the junior leagues who register to become founding members of the JFTDA will need to discuss and vote on. There are no gender restrictions on the registration that is now open, and all leagues, including single-gender and co-ed, are encouraged to register. Once the initial round of registration closes, member leagues will have the power to determine gender guidelines for the JFTDA. The members will also make their own decisions in regards to membership requirements, gender brackets, age brackets, skill brackets and all other issues surrounding junior derby.

How do I find out more about JFTDA?
Send inquiries to the WFTDA Junior Committee at juniors@wftda.com.

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